Transport oriente development - TOD

The Mille Levert is a TOD-type project (transport oriented development), advocating public transport and respect for the environment. In addition to offering breathtaking views of the new Champlain Bridge, the Mille Levert is located at the gates of the new junctions between the Bonaventure Expressway, the new configuration of Highway 15 and the Champlain Bridge. This location then allows new residents of the project, the best access to the South Shore, downtown and west of Montreal.

REM Station : Île-des-Soeurs

The REM (Montreal’s future light-rail transit network), Île-des-Sœurs station, is currently under construction. The REM will have 26 stations crossing the Greater Montreal area over a distance of nearly 67 km.Located at the furthest most edge of the project, the future Île-des-Sœurs station will be the new gateway to the South Shore or downtown Montreal. It will be in service20 h a day, 7 days a week, with transit frequencies at Nuns’ Island every 2.5 minutes during peak periods and every 5 minutes at all other times.

Downtown in less than 5 minutes

Right next to the new junctions between the Bonaventure highway, the 15 and Champlain Bridge, the Mille Levert offers breathtaking views on the new Champlain Bridge and gives direct access to the South Shore, downtown Montreal, and the West Island. The ideal location of the project puts you at less than 2 km away from all major roads.

YUL in 25 minutes

The future Île-des-Soeurs REM station will provide quick and direct access to Montreal International Airport to meet your travel needs.

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